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The Face Behind Solana

I’m so glad you’re here! I’m Savanna, Owner of all things Solana here in downtown Excelsior Springs.


The question I always get asked is “what does Solana mean?” Here's the answer! Solana means “sunny spot” in spanish. And in my opinion, it’s pretty sunny here! It’s also the name I was going to give a little girl if I ever had one. Instead, God blessed me with two rowdy boys! I’ve always had this name in my head and I’m so happy I get to finally use it.


I started working in Excelsior Springs in 2015 while living in my hometown Lawson (right up the street). Growing up I was always here but being involved and surrounded by people who love this town was so inspiring to me. I instantly fell in love with the community and everything Excelsior has to offer. Downtown is so special. My mom and I frequented downtown every weekend growing up and some of my favorite memories live here. One of the shops is what inspired me to open my own one day.


I’d say I’m mostly known for my love of home decor and my blog,, which I also started in 2015. It’s been an amazing creative outlet for me. I’ve always known I wanted to own my own business. At first it was a one stop coffee shop/clothing boutique/spa where women could just spend the day! That was 7 year old Savanna’s dream. Then as I grew up I found a serious love for interior design. My mom let me have free reign at my room whenever I wanted to re-decorate and she had a designer come in and decorate the rest of the house. I probably drove the designer crazy because I just followed her and watched everything she did. This is what catapulted me into being possibly obsessed with homes and decorating them.


My blog started when we bought our first house in Lawson. It was a mess! Broken windows and all but it’s what we could afford and I put every ounce of free time I had into flipping it, on a budget, into a home where we would have our two boys (Bjorn and Rowen).


Fast forward a few years later and… life happened, and we had to sell that little white cutie farmhouse but it was for the best.
We moved to Excelsior and my boys and I are so happy to be residents of this adorable town.


I’m so blessed to be able to live out my dream of owning a store, event space and vacation rental in my favorite little city.


Thank you so much for being here! Cheers!


"I instantly fell in love with the community and everything Excelsior has to offer. Downtown is so special"

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